Advanced Biofuels

Second-generation biofuels additionally called advanced biofuels, square measure fuels which will be factory-made from varied styles of non-food biomass. Biomass during this context suggests that plant materials and animal waste used particularly as a supply of fuel. First-generation biofuels are made of the sugars and vegetable oils found in food crops exploitation customary process technologies. Second-generation biofuels area unit made up of totally different completely different} feedstock’s and thus might need different technology to extract helpful energy from them. Second generation feedstock’s embrace lignocellulose biomass or woody crops, agricultural residues or waste, further as dedicated non-food energy crops full-grown on marginal land unsuitable for crop production. The term second-generation biofuels are employed loosely to explain each the 'advanced' technology accustomed method feedstocks into biofuel, however additionally the utilization of non-food cropsbiomass and wastes as feedstocks in 'standard' biofuels process technologies if appropriate. This causes some extensive confusion. So it's necessary to differentiate between second-generation feedstocks and second-generation biofuel process technologies.

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