Bioenergy Conversion Methods

The process to convert solid biomass raw material to gas fuel or chemical feedstock gas (syngas) is known as Gasification. Chemical conversion of gas would be lavish and there are some microorganisms that can convert the CO, H(2), and CO(2) gas to fuels. The discovery of organisms which are capable of higher product yield, as metabolic engineering of microbial catalyst, will make this technology a feasible option for reducing our dependency on primary fuels. Different conversion methods are Gas Production, Pyrolysis , Anaerobic digestion, Bio refineries, Bioethanol production and sugar release from biomass. Production of energy crops could potentially compete for land with food cropping as a demand for biomass increases.


  •  Biochemical Conversion of Biomass
  •  Electrochemical Conversion of Biomass
  •  Thermal Conversion of Biomass
  •  Biological Conversion
  •  Chemical Conversion
  •  Gasification and Pyrolysis
  •  Combustion and Co-firing

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