Pyrolysis is a thermochemical remedy, which may be carried out to any organic (carbon-based totally) product. it is able to be completed on natural products as well as its mixtures. in this treatment generally, the material is exposed to high temperature, and within the absence of oxygen goes through chemical and physical separation into exclusive molecules. The decomposition takes place thanks to the restrained thermal balance of chemical bonds of substances, which lets them to be disintegrated by using heat as a medium. The products of biomass pyrolysis encompass biochar, bio-oil and gases such as methane, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide. Depending on the thermal surroundings and the final temperature, pyrolysis will yield particularly biochar at low temperatures, much less than 450 0C, when the heating rate is quite gradual, and particularly gases at excessive temperatures, greater than 800 0C, a rapid heating rate. At an intermediate temperature and relatively under high heating rates, the principle product is bio-oil.


  • Wood Fuels and Charcoal
  • Residual Forest Biomass
  • Forestry Materials

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